A new Superhero!!

I have dreamed up a new Superhero!! Forget Batman, Spiderman (and especially forget crappy Hellboy), this marks a new era in Superheroicalitism…onomy…whatever. I call him Womanman, and I presume he was once minding his own nerdy business in a very alter-ego kind of way when he was caught by a radioactive blast of womanly pheromones from someone on a bus (I was similarly attacked recently; it smelt of hairspray). This transferred to him the powers of a woman; namely he can get into a terrible berserker rage thanks to the power of PMT. Of course, he wouldn’t have a superhero car or boat or plane or anything; you know what women are like, it’d take him ages to park in Womanman mode, and the rearview mirrors would all be used to check out his make-up. (I pretty quickly realised this brief piece could play host to all kinds of woman jokes 🙂 ). Of course he’d need some symbol, some shortcut to memory like Batman’s bat logo, so I suggest
/ WO
| 2x |
be emblazoned across his ample chest (did I mention it grows and fills up?)

Does anyone have any more suggestions for this character? Like superpowers and whatnot?

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  1. You’ve left out the secret weapon of a woman: The ability to squirt water from her eyes at a moment’s notice that elicits feelings of guilt in those around her and results in their completely back-tracking on what they ‘thought’ they believed. 😉

  2. S

     /  10 May, 2006

    I sometimes wish I dont have this secret weapon bcos sometimes it comes too naturally….

  3. That is, indeed, one of the drawbacks…

  4. Thank you Rach! That was indeed one amazing superpower I had overlooked.

  5. I bet you can’t ‘overlook’ it very easily when you’re faced with it blaring in front of you. 😛


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