The Noodle Maker the title of a book by Ma Jian, who is aptly called “The Chinese Kundera” because of his style of writing (the book is banned in China). An absorbing book, with darkly humourous snapshots of life in a Chinese city. The Noodle Maker of the title is God, who pulls and stretches the characters in the book (and what a bunch of characters they are!) like dough into noodles.
The Great Manchester Run came and went without so much as a whisper. Atleast, I didn’t notice much!
A school trip to Alton towers is coming up, on the 3rd of June, with Headmistress Tracy organising everything. It will be just superfantabulous!! Really!! But before that the missus and I will be going to Llangollen to soak up some Welsh mud. we’ll be staying the weekend, and hopefully we’ll spend some time in that superfantabulous pub called The Cornmill that’s set on the river which people go kayaking on.

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  1. S

     /  24 May, 2006

    Looking forward to it! 🙂 xx


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