for those in the know; Prime Minister’s Questions for those who aren’t. I sat watching it while waiting for my driving instructor to pick me up. Why is it called PM’sQ anyway?? The PM’s not asking any questions. Au contrare, he’s being asked all sorts of awkward, sticky questions by others. Which reminds why, years ago, I found Our Tony quite charismatic. He can really think on his feet and he’s squirmier than an epileptic eel in a greased parka. Today the scene resembled a school trip of unruly brats, shouting and stomping and jeering and suchlike! Grown men (and the odd woman) behaving like five-year-olds. Shameful!
My driving’s really fun, I’m breezing around the world (parts of Manchester, actually) like a gay egret. Apparantly my only shortcoming is the distinct lack of mirror-watchingness. To which I say- “There ain’t gonna be that many people catching up with me once I’ve got my hunting driving license”
High Five!!
I finally got a great collection of Greek songs from Ioannis’ database yesterday; spent all of yesterday night in a reverie listening to some real classic belters. I’ll put up the list of somgs later so you can all appreciate!!

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  1. I wouldn’t know a Greek song if it hit me on the nose.

  2. S

     /  31 May, 2006

    I like the song played in the L’ Appartement, what is it called again? x

  3. “Le temps” by Charles Aznavour. I’m trying to find it online, but no joy 😦


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