I passed!!

Well, I had a mock driving test arranged that both me and my friend/driving instructor coolly forgot about. So we’re put-putting around town, chatting about this and whatnot, when he gets a call from an irate instructor who’s been kept waiting! Uh-oh!! I race to the test centre, much to the alarm of my instructor, who only knows me as my meek, courteous and mild-mannered alter-ego. The istructor was really curt, not un-friendly but very business-like, and I suppose I got my money’s worth in terms of a close-to-real-life simulation. I got 9 minor faults, 3 because I signalled before looking (an old habit from my happy driving times in India!!) and so I passed. I’m aiming to reduce my faults down to zero now, because I’ve got precious else to do!!
Oh, and Jill’s sent an email with a game about parking! I had to park, he said within two car lengths, I did it in about half the space and in 30 seconds!! Was he impressed?? Well, if he was, the git didn’t show it!!
I saw ‘United 93’ in a sneak screening that only Tinsel Town’s elite were invited to (cheap student-types, that is). I thought it was United ’93, as in Manchester United. When I saw the plane on the billboards, I thought it had summat to do with the plane crash with United players (the Busby Boys). It could’ve been ’93, for all my knowledge of football stats can say! The movie was gripping, apart from the odd questions my cynicism gave rise to (how many people remember the number of their flight?? I don’t!!). But the time really flew!!

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  1. jessy

     /  1 June, 2006

    Hope you really can pass your test. Remember how to check your handbreak!?

    Good luck!

  2. S

     /  2 June, 2006

    I remember someone told me the footballer plan crash took place in the 80s – fairly credible source, btwx


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