Memory lane

I had this great brainwave while lying in bed. Unfortunately it flooded my memory bank!! 😛 I thought of locating my old school on t’web. Frankly, what I’d like to have seen was a map of the school building and some photos so I could remember where I ran around as a wee nipper, so I was a smidge disappointed, but I did manage to register myself on the alumni database. So here without any further ado, is New English School, Kuwait. “Ex oriente lux” was our motto, which I think means light from the Orient, which is kind of pointless. The uniforms seem to have changed, but then it has been 20+ years!!
I couldn’t find my school in India, St John’s High School, on the web, but then why am I not surprised? I am however shocked that my college, St Joseph’s, is not on the web either. However, to entertain you I must link to this photo Google dragged up from Flickr. It’s of a first year class, St Joseph’s College, year ’81-’82. At the height of Indian summer fashion!!!

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  1. Sexy. 😛


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