Happy Birthday Charis

Yes, I didn’t forget!! Going to watch Superman today with a merry band of revellers, then I’m hoping to cook a real hot Chicken Arrabiatta for din-din. Yes dears, my life revolves around my culinary experiences. There’s a protest march against the Israeli bombardment and occupation of Lebanon (again) on Saturday, 1p.m. outside B.B.C. I think I might go along for the heck of it, and take some piccies.
Oh which reminds me, Manchester Museum is going to hold a Wildlife Britain photo contest, so any good photographers out there (I don’t know any!) can take part. Entries should be submitted by 29/9/06. The museum is offering a workshop working with photographer Ben Hall as a prize. But I’m really disappointed with Manchester Museum’s website, it’s really crap for such a nice and important place.

I noticed yesterday there was an old movie (1957) on telly. It was called ‘The boy on a dolphin’ and was named after a statue of, you guessed, a boy on a dolphin. I thought I might see some nice diving scenes because there was Sophia Loren in it, so I watched a bit of the start. Sophia is a Greek sponge-diver girl on the island of Hydra, and her boyfriend (Jorge Mistral) is Albanian. So they speak with funny accents like “Why you tell me do this, do that?” which absolutely cracked me up. It was like they were taking the Mike and it was unbelievable because political correctness hadn’t been invented yet.

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