Is it a bird, etc. etc.

Superman Returns. I hadn’t even realised he’d left! We couldn’t catch it on the IMAX (huge, 3D) screen because there were no commercials in that showing and we all were playing it cool thinking there would be atleast 20 mins of trailers. There were some crystals, and a piano, and newspapers, and an earthquake, and then a big ball fell down, and then some crying I think and then he was injured and then he got ok. There wasn’t a single laugh in the whole film!!
More importantly, I didn’t make my Chicken Arabiatta cause we got home at 10 p.m. and I was too shattered from sitting in a cinema hall to do any cooking. Plus I had really loaded up on dry roasted peanuts during the show. So we each had authentic noodles from Chinatown that come in a bowl the size of the Meteor Crater, Arizona. Slurpilicious!! Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes were on t’telly making like Japanese, so we watched that.

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  1. B

     /  20 July, 2006

    I watched that film. Rising Sun or something. It was SO shit and utterly ridiculous. 😀

  2. I thought your last sentence there read that Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes were matinglike the Japanese. I didn’t know you were into that sort of film Naz! 😛

  3. Hey, the Japanese mate no different from us!!

  4. It’s a good job you didn’t say they mate ‘better’ than us Naz. U know how sensitive Jessy and Shasha get about those sexy Japanese women! 😉

  5. Sexy??? Haha!! I am not worried.


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