Red Chili

Going to Red Chili today!! We’re finally getting rid of Adam; he’s moving down to London because there are no women left to molest here in Manchester. Aww, bless. So we have to send him off tonight. After which I’ll be seeing him tomorrow for badminton, so I’d better keep a rein on those crocodile tears tonight. I just applied to Bill Gates’ (ex)company. Downside is, if I’m accepted, the job’s based in Reading. Where IS that place? Seriously, being based in Manchester and not being willing to travel on account of all the material junk that has accumulated around me (drum kit, tv, cds, clothes, friends, etc.) has hampered my prospects no end. All the jobs in Manchester sem to be recruitment or secretarial. And I’m too good for that! Believe me, I am!

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  1. I was just asking Yanni yesterday where Reading is; must be one of those places where only total recluses would consider going! 😛


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