Good boy!! Here’s a biccie

As usual spent all day browsing and now have to cram all my thoughts into ten minutes of a blog. Anyway, we’ve all booked tickets to watch England play Greece in a friendly at Old Trafford, the 16th of August at 19:45 for those who don’t know. We’ll be sitting with the In-gerrr-land fans, of course, and making fun of Greek names like Hapa-hapalous and whatnot.
Ioannis moves on Friday, we’ll get to sniff around his new house (I just remembered taking my dog Suzy to new places and how she had to investigate every corner before squatting in one and letting flow. I’ll be doing pretty much the same then).
Applied to some jobs that I didn’t even want, not that there’s any risk I’m gonna get offered them. Not looking fwd to weekend with no money in my pocket, but I managed to coerce Ioannis into free driving lessons for Sunday, so I’ll be ready (in a very vague sense of the term) come Monday.

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  1. I’m sure Yanni can stretch to more than one free lesson in exchange for you carrying his fridge across Manchester on your back.God knows you need more than one, by the sounds of it.:-P

  2. Ioannis

     /  4 August, 2006

    I can give you more than one lesson even without you carrying a fridge across Manchester. All you have to do is carry me, on a throne, up Oxford Road from Withington to Albert Square.

  3. Isn’t Albert Square in Walford?!

  4. That’s a different Albert.


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