Gardening / Living with a Curse II – Turn In The Road

I rented a DVD about gardening from the library on Friday, hoping to get some good viewing on trailing bougainvilleas and positively pristine petunias over the weekend. The DVD was labelled ‘Constant Gardening’ or something, which I supposed alluded to the fact that gardening is an all-season activity and that, even in winter, there are things that need to be done around the garden. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it had nothing to do with gardening whatsoever (except for some shots of lovely nasturtiums) but some sick people in Africa and a drug called Dypraxa! Whatever!!
Living With A Curse continues as I failed my driving test again, this time with TWO serious errors. This, my avid readers will note, is one more than last time, leading to all kinds of projections of doom for my forthcoming attempts. I managed to get a serious fault while turning in the road, because apparently this car came and stopped while I was turning around, and I should’ve spent the rest of my fast-fading life waiting for him to do something. In fact, she (yes, once again I’m lumped with an anal bitch) had this half-tonne of an Inspector in the back marking her performance, so I was doomed from the start. She was bound to prove her vigilance and high standards by failing me. And why do I always have to get fat people in the car!! Atleast I didn’t get any hesitation points this time – I was wellying the accelerator all the way. Of course, the second serious fault was for emerging from a side road into a main road, because apparently in real life people just either sit there till there’s an earthquake that stops the trafiic flow, or get out and push their car round the corner carefully!! You’ve got to spot the gap and make a move, or did I learn nothing from all the accidents I’ve had??

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  1. why don’t u try getting a driver license in another country? It’s easier to get and its valid in the UK the first year, so u can practice ur driving until u get ur UK-license. That’s how many mexicans are driving here and i assure u they are what we call in mexico “caffres” (really bad drivers).

  2. Heh, heh, yes, I could go to Greece and,. ahem,.. obtain one.

  3. oh no! sorry to hear that… women can be bitches unfortunately…. esp since we always get grief about bad driving. becoming a tester is just our vengeance on “men”. just ur luck. i hope u get a gay one next time.

  4. A teacher at my (ex)school slave emporium got hers in India but the Greek authorities made her re-take it when she crashed her car and they found out that was the license she had. 😉
    Don’t take the English system personally though; we’re all a bit anal. It’s something to do with the cold. 🙂


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