Murder most foul

Watching an American programme about the “World’s Deadliest Animals” (95% of which were American wildlife because what’s the point in scaring people with something that lives far away) I heard this most incredibly articulate wildlife expert and his well-expressed opinion that:-

“Prevention is the best method of not getting stung by a scorpion”

Which brings up the old argument. As a tool of communication, such language manages to get its message across not by content alone, but (arguably mainly) by context. Therefore it is doing its job used in the medium it was employed, the spoken word. But it just annoys me when people dem doan speak propah.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have moved blog homes. You will now find me at http://xxxxxxxxx/

    You will need the password xxxxxxxxxx to access this site, as I only want the choice few of my blog buddies to visit my new site.

    See you there!

    Love, T xxxx

  2. I am always telling my little brother off for not speaking properly and sounding too cockney. Why oh why can he not pronounce his t’s.

  3. Perhaps these people who have trouble speaking are being influenced by George Dubyah and his ‘nucular’ policies. 🙂

  4. You really have a hard-on for Ole’ Dubyah, don’t you? Bush-Whacking is soo last year!! 😛


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