Finish Gillette / Redemption Ark

Another gripe. I have previously mentioned my wonderment at how far companies will go to claim superiority over their competitors. I started shaving with a twin-bladed razor, which was the best a man could get in those days. I was eventually persuaded to add another blade, so I’m on three now. So far David Beckham hasn’t persuaded me to switch to four. But now someone’s got out a FIVE-bladed razor, so clearly the foolishness of this all is only apparent to the general public and not to the big bosses at Gillette! Wilkinson took a while before they caught up with the four-blade-upgrade; I suspected it was more due to their reluctance to appear to be chasing Gillette than any real technical difficulty involved. Will they go to five? I suppose they will, the logic being that stupid people are being convinced that more is better. Hence the similar Finish detergent with three four FIVE active ingredients getting their back bent out of shape in all sorts of odd postitions in order to clean your dishes.
I am reading one of the most fascinating sci-fi books in a looong time (That’s not “looong” with the ‘o’ as in ‘spoon’, but with the ‘o’ as in ‘thong’, only prolooonged). Alastair Reynolds’ ‘Redemption Ark’ won the British Science Fiction award, and I can see why. It’s a massive 650-page tome with size 2 font, and I’m only into page 20 so far, but it’s gripped me by the gonads. Hence the high-pitched typing. Already there’s been wars, and alien invasions, and mind augmentations. I’m looking forward to a bit of human-alien action next, know what I mean?

Might go watch A Scanner Darkly at the Cornerhouse today. 18:25 or 20:40.

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  1. but i really do think the gilette razor with four blades is really good.. the new turbo one is even better but the blades are expensive… so i don’t buy them. If you have soft sensitive skin like me you need a good razor.

    I have been lucky enough to have tested many razor brands because when extended family members can’t think of what to get me for x mas they just get a me a razor or socks. I am also an expert in socks…

  2. when you write a post on socks then I shall share my wisdom on socks too…

  3. What about the razors for women that vibrate. I’m sorry, but that cannot be a good idea. Razor blades that vibrate against your delicate flesh. Well, I would be cut to ribbons in seconds, surely. Give me a plain old fashioned one any day.

  4. Impressed by 5 blades? You’ll love this latest one by gillette then!

  5. FYI, razors that vibrate give me a rash

  6. jessy

     /  22 August, 2006

    Man’s talk! boring!

  7. M. – Yes, I know your skin is soft and sensitive darling!
    T.S – The vibrations are to let out the inner Venus in all of you.
    J. – Yes, man-talk indeed. Women just use the lawnmower, don’t they??

  8. In spirit I am also sensitive..a man of peace


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