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Quote of the day from Dr. Cox in Scrubs. He’s got many good ones, but this caught my, ahem, eye.

Sex is like squash; you work hard for half-an-hour, work up a sweat, and try not to get hit in the eye.

Of course, he said ‘racket-ball’, not ‘squash’.

David Attenborough was on all day yesterday with ‘Life in the Undergrowth’. Apparently hermaphrodite Leopard Slugs screw each other in the head while hanging upside-down. Brilliant!
Seen a lot of movies recently, Yesterday saw ‘Bellevue Rendezvous’ at the Cornerhouse with Sha. Sha has a new membership deal with a video shop, which means she MUST watch two films a day, and I’m trying to help 🙂

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  1. Ioannis

     /  29 August, 2006

    Can you give more details of this “membership deal”?


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