The Leakiest Wink

Also known as Anne Robinson.
Yesterday there was a young American rock/rapper (eh?) called Chip on, who was also pushing the bible and therefore was nauseatingly chirpy. He couldn’t answer a single question related to anything British, obviously, but the only American question asked him about Connecticut he also got wrong! Only an American would think he stood a chance with such knowledge. Annoyingly, the others were so crap that he got to the final, where he was beaten by a Scottish accountant with the personality of cream-ish wallpaper who managed to answer two of the five questions.
Which goes to show that the show has gone downhill from being a moderately poor quiz show in the beginning by quickly realising that its potential really lies in getting stupid people on so Anne can look smart in comparison. Why they take any stick from her is beyond me!
Insulting television is on the up, isn’t it TrinnyandSusanna?

Ioannis asked about the video membership Shasha has joined.
The shop is in Rusholme, opposite Sangam’s. It’s called 24-Hour Self Video, which I thought meant anybody desperate to video themselves in the wee hours of the morning or during lunch break needn’t wait. No, it’s a self-service, fully automated dvd, vhs and something-else-I-can’t-remember rental shop. You pay at rates of 6 hour, 12 hour or 24 hour, so it works out cheap for people who live above it. Here’s a review of it in Itchy Manchester, which says pretty much what I’ve told you.

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  1. This program is still running?! How on earth do they think of new ideas?!


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