A Scanner Darkly??

A Scanner BORING more like it. I fell asleep halfway through the boring explanations of who was what and why. After five minutes the novelty of watching an entire film that was first shot with actors and then handed it over to pre-school cartoonists to scribble on wears off. That’s like pulling your own cart and buying a horse to sit on it. Keanu Reeves does his usual “What’s going on here I don’t understand” acting (of course he was chosen because of Matrix) which makes the dull barely-human acting even less so. Woody Harrelson and Robert Downing Stupider were only cast because they are known pot- and coke-heads. A couple of funny lines about “Waaay, I’m stoned maaaan” just can’t hold up this movie.
Sci-Fi stories are generally not meant to be shot as films unless you can get it right. Just because you think the story is pushing social boundaries, and you’re pushing cinematic boundaries doesn’t necessarily mean the story and you have an iota in common.
Verdict: Another passable sci-fi story ruined by a nouvelle art director.

Shasha was talking about product sabotage. This is what the BBC says. I watched this programme, it’s called ‘Trust me, I’m an Economist’

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  1. Sounds like a great film. Can’t wait to see it.


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