First Woman Space Tourist

Apparently it cost her $25 Million to risk her life in a Soviet-era Soyuz rocket. Still, I’d go. Space tourism is getting so much more accessible, I’m only about 13,342,600 pounds short. Fingers crossed, if I don’t go down to the pub this month.. You can read more about Anousheh Ansari’s trip to the International Space Station from other sources, so I’ll just give you a link and that’s my job done.

Sad to see United lose to Arsenal yesterday, even with all the big names on the pitch. It was definitely a game I was expecting them to win, and perhaps they were too relaxed as well.

My whole body aches from badminton today; after celebrating Helen’s (my new neighbour’s) birthday on Saturday and my new neighbour (and ex-driving instructor) Ben’s house-warming on Friday-Saturday, I could barely drag myself to the sports centre. But once I get going I enjoy it so much that pain is banished from my mind. I’m paying for it now though, can’t move a muscle, especially the well-hidden ones. Helen’s bf Sam is an untouchable bastard with his left-handed smash, and I think we got some important tips from him to move up a notch. Adam’s started his job in London today, so badminton is going to slip into a new post-Adamic era.

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  1. Tinks

     /  19 September, 2006

    That is what happens to our body when one reaches a certain time frame. But I must say badminton is no sport… Be a man and play a proper racket n ball game!!!


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