Independent / Gizzard

There’s a great exhibition on at Central Library. Ok, it’s not ‘great’ but very interesting. A selection of some of the front pages of the Independent newspaper from the past 20 years. Funnily enough, Ali was going on about the newspaper just the other day, about how the front pages were cool, and the paper was Independent. I mean not just the name, which is Independent, but actually Independent.

What happened to making funny songs by changing the lyrics like MAD comics used to do? For example, this remake of a song sung to the tune of Wizard of Oz.

“We’re off to see your gizzard, that wonderful gizzard of yours.

Whatever a man may want from his gizzard you’ve got in that gizzard of yours

If ever, oh ever, a gizzard there was that gizzard of yours is one because

because x 5

Because of the wonderful things it does”

Can be sung on any gizzard-related celebrations.

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  1. Tinks

     /  19 September, 2006

    “L is for Love!!!”

    For those who may not understand what i’m getting at here pls refer to Dodgeball.

  2. Have you deliberately spelt ‘independent’ wrong?! 😛

  3. No I havent!!
    Ok, I had. Damn you Rachel Louise Cole-Fletcher!! (Had to look your name up. So that’s one more hit on your site) 

  4. Double bonus for me then. 🙂

  5. Yasso

     /  21 September, 2006

    You have certainly outdone your song-writing skills this time. I remember your early days as a budding lyricist… your strongest bone was always your funny one… methinks you should take over the Al Yankovich empire… I could help you out with voice overs and drum tracks!

  6. Yeah, well, the song does kinda lend itself to gizzard-based mockery!


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