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A Chinese guy was bitten by Gu Gu the Panda in Beijing Zoo. He admitted to having had four jugs of beer before clambering into the enclosure. While attempting to hug the sleeping panda, he got bitten in one leg and then the other. So he retaliated promptly by biting the poor thing in the back. “It’s skin was quite thick”, according to him. He also said he’d seen pandas on telly and (and this is the killer line) “they seemed to get along well with people.”

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  1. Ioannis

     /  20 September, 2006

    Killer line indeed.

  2. Such intelligence. Mindblowing.

  3. Tinks

     /  21 September, 2006

    This story has made my day for today at work. Just imagining it just makes me chuckle.

  4. Yasso

     /  21 September, 2006

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Sure it was only four JUGS? ROTFL
    lil sis


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