Ted Honderich

is the name of a philosopher who was presenting his views on the cause of terrorism yesterday on Channel Five’s programme ‘Don’t get me started’. The main tenet of his thinking are that all of us have a “moral responsibility” thereby arguing that the events of 11/7 in London and other activities can be blamed partly on Western activities in the Middle East. Something I think is quite obvious. However his arguments were put in a wholly philosophical context, which was very refreshing and different to the regular emotion-laden brawls we hear on these issues. He examined what he called “neo-Zionism”, and called some politicians (yes, the famous double act Bush and Blair) “The Real Friends of Terror”. I was really impressed by the content and ideas behind his arguments.

Of course next week there’s going to be the Jewish refutement of this argument, because they can’t allow Western support of Israel to be named as a cause of terrorism.

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