US admits, finally, that Iraq caused terrorism.

Well that admission in The Times came as a total shock to me. Not the fact, as we knew it to be here in Britain, but the admission. This is really gonna make things sticky for a lot of politicians on both sides of the pond. Ted Honderich mentioned, and I recall, Labour used to claim “Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime”. Will it use the same adage now with respect to terrorism, and be “tough on terror, tough on the causes of terror”? Then it will have to do some serious self-examination.

Ona related issue, Blair’s in town and there are cops everywhere. I wanted to join the protest marches on the weekend, but I’m more of a “I support you in my thoughts from my armchair” kind of revolutionary. The town centre is nice and quiet without cars. Apart from people shouting and the like.

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  1. And here was me hoping for a glimpse when I was around The Houses of Parliament today; thought it was a bit quiet!


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