So many comments!! I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy! (I can say this because I am comfortable with the fact that we all know I am damn worthy).

Shasha’s started her training with Halifax today, contributing to society and whatnot. Good luck Girl, and go kill ’em.

Lulu (Ali’s darling darling cat) will be coming over to Manchester today to live with me while Ali finds a new place and moves. She and I will have so much fun, I just know!! I’ll try to put up a piccie so you can all go “AWwwwwww!”

Later:- Here she is Lulu, on a very disturbing background

Yesterday’s Independent made for wonderful reading, they’re celebrating 20 years in the newspaper business and have published in book form excerpts of some brilliant and often predicitive journalism (as differeing from predictable). I bought the paper because, although we had booked badminton from 1-3 pm, we were let down by Sugden Sports Centre because apparently they had to give the block to Grovesnor Hall students. Even though, as Simon put it, “we subsidised them by coming and playing all through summer when no-one else came”. So we only got an hour’s intense play from 2-3, but I made sure we didn’t pay for it!! Shasha’s free badminton hall seems to be in the offing for next Sunday, so marathon badminton is in! And Sugden can sit on this and spin!

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  1. Did those mean, narcissistic people in charge of the Badminton team let Shasha on then? Seems like you guys might actually be getting fit this year! Strange. 😛

  2. Yesterday the taxi driver looked at me and said “You’re nice and fit, eh?”
    Ask Shasha, she was in the back pretending not to hear. Although he did charge us an exhorbitant £10 for the ride; maybe he was trying to flatter me.

  3. Sha

     /  14 October, 2006

    Hmmm…. can I say ‘no comment’ to Naz’s request about what I was thinking when that cab driver commented on his fitness?? I dont wanna get into trouble~~~~~ 😛 😛


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