Planet Yerth

Had a great time with Attenborough again. This time we were taken to the northern and southern ice caps of our blue ball of a planet. David was continuingly harping on about how climate change will leave all those luvly-wuvly polar bears stranded in the sea with no ice floes to rest on or hunt on. There was even a little scene where an exhausted male polar in hungry desperation was hunting mammoth walruses (walri??) in a futile attempt to get a meal. He eventually got wounded by two huge stabs in his hindquarters that left him practically incapacitated, so he scraped himself a little hole and lay down to die. This scene really moved me as I watched it with the lovely Lulu warm on my lap.

But the best part was where the camera guys in their cabin were getting approached by hungry males. One wasn’t even scared by all the bangs they let off. Another one sneaked up upon them while they were playing a board game and pressed his nose against their cabin window. Remember, this is an animal that routinely punches through solid ice to get to seal lairs (dens??).



And here’s a soundbite from New Scientist

“People tend to have urges to procreate in times of extreme situations.”

The head of South Korea’s Institute for Sex Education, Seong Gyeong-won, explains why condom sales have rocketed following North Korea’s nuclear test (Daily Mail, London, 26 October)

Tell me about it!!

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  1. Ioannis

     /  7 November, 2006

    So when was your last urge to procreate? When was the last extreme situation?

  2. Maybe all this procreation causes the extreme situation. 😉

  3. And isn’t it funny how, from this entire post raising several issues, it’s the sex that gets you noticed. 😛

  4. “it’s the sex that gets you noticed.”
    Thank you! 😛

  5. Tinks

     /  9 November, 2006

    The human males were cackin their pants….


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