Well Done!

Thanks for the CV. Do you have a potfolio of we sites. I look forward to
you’re response…..

…ends up in my e-mail box. Should I even bother to reply? It seems the onus is only upon applicants to make a good impression and check their spelling and grammar.

And here’s a big lie: An add for a “Business Development Executive” says:-

Please note that this is NOT a Sales job. Previous experience of cold calling, telesales, lead generation, Tele-research would be an advantage.

As part of my entertainment quota, I shall give you an interesting article from the BBC about English mixing with Hindi. All of it is true; I used all of these as a kid. And I learnt that Stepney comes from a brand of tyre in Wales.

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  1. I presume that after criticising the rubbish grammar of your prospective employer, your error of ‘add’ with two ds was deliberate? 😛

    Naz:- What? Where? Never!!

  2. I once got a job as a PR ocifer – i was basically a receptionist. But a highly paid one so didn’t really complain!

    Naz:- Surely not an ocifer!! Why are all these mistakes cropping up now??


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