Orange Wednesdays

Ioannis has written about the Argentinian movie we watched yesterday on his blog, so I needn’t bother. It was called Bombon:El perro. That’s all you need to know. We each had our drug of choice, Ioannis with codeine, Ali with wine, and I with Stella. Plus pizzas on a conveyor-belt.

I updated my Google Analytics to see if my “goals” are being reached. Since I am not a commercial website (apart from tracking all your bank accounts and siphoning money from them in small, unnoticeable amounts) I set my goal as the URL of my “About me” page. Therefore, the aim of my website is now officially to get people interested in ME, so they want to find out more about ME, and they click on the link that goes to the page “About ME

I’m reading Catch 22 again after Ioannis reminded me of it. You’re going to see loads of quotes from this crazy book in the near future.

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  1. Good to see that Yanni is still running this factory-line of pizzas. 🙂


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