Mega mammaries

I got two visits to my site over this past week (3rd-9th) looking for mega mammaries. Now, I may be wrong, but I don’t recall having written any post relevant to that particular topic. Tell you what, I’ll do a search now.

later Nope, just as I thought. This is the first post dealing with the issue of mega mammaries. (See how I used subterfuge to add the word ‘mega mammaries’ into my blog so people now looking for it will come here. This tactic is similar to the one channels four and five use after 11 p.m. to show naughty clips while pretending to “analyse the life” or “go behind the scenes”. Not that I’m complaining)

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  1. One might question why you might want to attract those people searching the web, rather than the local nightclub, for ‘mega mammaries’. 😛 Oh look, there’s another search target in there for you!


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