Catch 22

Yossarian is a bombardier in WWII. Obviously, he’s tired of flying missions and being shot at. He approaches his squadron commander.

“I don’t want to fly milk runs. I don’t want to be in the war anymore.”

“Would you like to see our country lose?” Major Major asked.

“We won’t lose. We’ve got more men, more money and more material. There are ten million men in uniform who could replace me. Some people are getting killed and a lot more are making money and having fun. Let somebody else get killed.” 

“But suppose everybody on our side felt that way.”

“Then I’d certainly be a damned fool to feel any other way. Wouldn’t I?”

This twisted logic is a hallmark of this book. The much-used phrase “catch 22” comes from the title of this book, and can be understood by reading the excerpt Ioannis has blogged about.

Oh, and a salute to Homer’s “motivational skills”

“Everybody says they have to work harder when I’m around”

Hats off!

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  1. Victor

     /  10 November, 2006

    Between your posts and Ioannis’s I’m getting the urge to read the book again and I only read it a year ago…My favorite bit is when Yossarian tweaks the war map and the mission to Bologna (I think) is cancelled…mmmh maybe I’ll make a post about it.
    Warch the movie as well, tres cool!


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