Made using a special spicy ‘Laziza Qorma’ sauce bought at Worldwide. Cooked at Ioannis’. Eaten by us. Watched ‘Catch 22’ after that. Then Tinks drops in. Wine aplenty.

Worldwide is a unique oasis; a supermarket that stocks all kinds of great foreign foodstuffs. Indian, West Indian and Caribbean, Middle Eastern, etc. Fresh fruit and vegetables, a butchers at the back that dice chicken exactly the way you want it. And situated right where it is needed, in the multi-cultural (ok, mainly “Asian”) Rusholme.

Badminton has left me with aching muscles again; we (Jill) paid £6.90, which is one hour’s hire charge for one court, and we played on two courts for two-and-a-half hours. There were very few people crazy enough to be at the Sports Centre at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

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  1. You and Yanni actually cook. Can you have a word with my boyfriend, who started today with “I want breakfast.”?!

  2. jill

     /  13 November, 2006

    Tinks AND JILL were supposed to drop in but jill never got the call-back and sadly missed out on curry and wine 😦
    thought i was the only one with muscle aches… but evidently there’s an age correlation!

  1. Ioannis’s Studio » Bengaloorchester

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