I was really scared that my blog was down today, as I couldn’t get through to it. But now I’m not, so it’s ok.

Nothing much to say, no political debate to rave about, no insane snippet of news to roll my eyes over, so I’ll just say a big HELLO to all my international readers out there stalking me, and “Keep sane”.

later: Oh sorry, almost forgot. Sha and I visited Simon in hospital on Saturday. Waited for Tracy and Co. to show up at 5 p.m., but we gave up waiting by 6 p.m. and went in on our own. Hope he’s better now.

And the first incidence of a “web rage attack” has been reported in the newspapers. Someone insulted some other one on the web, and the some other one tracked the someone down and hit him on his own doorstep with a pickaxe handle.

So, “Nemo me impune, lacessit”!!!!

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  1. Is this ‘webrage’ threat the reason that Yanni removed himself from being found online?! He should be scared, if he lets our hosting go awry again!

  2. Sorry Jill, deleted your comment by mistake. :O
    For people who are curious as to what that comment was, it went something like “What with you being incommunicado, not being able to blog would be the last straw”

  3. Actually, thanks to modern technology I can give you verbatim the exact comment Jill made. And here it is,
    Jill: “that would be the final straw if you couldn’t blog as well as being


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