Touching the boys

Tomorrow is Orange Wednesday at Ioannis’ house; we shall watch ‘Touching the Void’ over bowls of Spag Bog*. Touching the void reminds me of two things:

a) The first time I met Simon at Rayk’s birthday party, when I told him about “Touching the void” and he thought I was talking about “touching the boys”.

After clarifying his mistake, we went on to bond over “Shaving Ryan’s Privates”, “Batman in Robin”, “Diddle-her on the roof”, “Forrest Hump”, “The Loin King”, “Glad-he-ate-her”, “Inspect-her Gadget”, “Saturday Night Beaver” and of course “The Empire Strikes from the Back”.

b) Boney M. Specifically their song “Brown Girl in the Ring”. This comes about because as anyone who’s seen the film knows, when the protagonist of the film is lying broken at the foot of the glacier expecting to die at any moment, he tells us of how this song kept running through his head and how he though “Oh no! I’m gonna die to the sound of Boney M”. I have previously mentioned this in my award-winning blog post, Pulitzer Prize and Best Blog on the Internet not winner on the Dalai Lama.

And finally I think blogging can be summed up by today’s quote “If we were not all so interested in ourselves, life would be so uninteresting that none of us would be able to endure it.” – Arthur Schopenhauer.


*Spag Bog = Spaghetti Bolognaise

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  1. *Spag Bog = Spainglish Bolognaise cooked in the UK by a Greek geek for 1/2Indian+1/2English person (:P just kidding)

  2. I think Shasha is feeling a bit left-out Naz. 😉 And I bet this spag bol won’t live up to my culinary delight. If you guys EVER get around to visiting York, I might treat you!

  3. jessy

     /  29 November, 2006

    Is that the level you go now “touching the boys” on this porn wednesday? (oh..horrible comment by me.)

  4. jessy

     /  29 November, 2006

    By the way, someone (not me) suggested to call your so-call orange Wednesday to a more explicit name, porn Wednesday.
    All of a sudden, all the things Naz is writing here all making sense now.

  5. I hope your porn movie is going VERY well, remember the line? “Orange – the future is….”

  6. jessy

     /  29 November, 2006

    I like how everyone now will start to think that they watch porn movies. I hope Johmmy will comment on this.

  7. I feel like watching porn is something both Naz and Yanni would be proud of. I would worry something much more sinister than that is going on. 😉

    Naz responds: Ah Mademoiselle, you have hit the nail right on the, how do you say, head.


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