Earth to Party People!!

I am really getting fed up with personal communications being transacted by our party group via e-mails. As if I have nothing better to do than read everybody’s personal comments on who’s going to do what with whom and how, and why and wherefore.

From now on, party discussions should be had via our beautiful and still-operational ISOM website, so all of us can view the comments in one go instead of opening e-mail after e-mail.

But since Christmas discussions have already been started, you can continue them here on my blog!!

Doesn’t this make it much simpler??

later: Actually, I immediately realised that there exist so-called “lurkers” who read our blogs without alerting us of their presence (except in some cases where I recognise the I.P addresses) so the solution might be to set up and use a “Partay Blog” with passwords given to cool people only. Additional passwords can be used for individual blogs as well, so that a certain special-on-the-day person doesn’t find out what plans are being made behind his/her back. Unless that person is Ioannis “I.T Helpdesk” Verdelis who will presumably have administrator access to the site!

I was also thinking of secret handshakes for the group, but I’ve got so many now that I get kind of muddled! (It was really embarrassing at the Nun Convention the other day. All I’ll say is that Sister Magdalene had never been shaken like that before!)

And since the original ISOM group has grown and included (some may say “engulfed”) members of other disciplines and walks of life, perhaps we need a renaming of this enterprise? Suggestions will be accepted and vetoed by ME since it’s my idea!! And The Winning Prize will be given to ME as well regardless of the winning entry!! 

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  1. Sam

     /  1 December, 2006

    You could also consider

  2. The things you learn, eh??

  3. Tinks

     /  1 December, 2006

    There are so many reasons why emailing arrangements has the upper hand and I don’t have the time nor the patience to list them. I personally prefer it as it enables me to know whats happening instantly being at my desk 9-5 everyday. Plus, not everyone like to blog e.g. Simon / Adam, and not everyone has the time to check blogs frequently…

    Naz responds: Move with the times, Tinks!!! People ALSO used to love handling pigeons and entrusted them with their messages. Wanna go back to that maybe??  

  4. Tinks

     /  1 December, 2006

    Ooops forgotten to mention my views on renaming this enterprise… my view is:
    NO NO NO !!!

    Its where we’re from, how we’ve met, it is the root of our network. If you change it you’ll remove the our ISOM value (MBS~Masters in BuShittin)n all the memories thats linked to the name will slowly deminish…

    You don’t just rename a company if it starts employing more ppl.

    Naz responds: But if your company is called Athenian Builders, yet employs exclusively Albanians you have to think again about the name!!

  5. yeah just make them conform to OUR culture.
    am i cool enough for this partay blog??

    Naz responds: Of course you are, Google Google!

  6. Naz, we all see through your ‘cunning’ plan of getting yet more people to look at your blog on a regular basis. 😛 Give it up!

    Naz responds: You got to credit me for trying!!

  7. Sounds like a good idea to me! I would love to have a secret handshake (is it just my dirty mind, or did that sound a little rude)

    Naz responds: So you’ve heard about “The Handshake”, have you? 😛


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