Ice Skating

Going Ice Skating in Picadilly Gardens now. Expect to watch a lot of falls while all the time my superior balance and panther-like agility will keep me head and shoulders and torso above the rest.

Yes, I’ve never done it before and I’m a tad nervous.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  4 January, 2007

    I wish I had joined you to see you and myself falling on the ice numerous times.

    Naz responds: I did quite well actually. Didn’t fall once and was managing to skate by the end.

  2. S

     /  4 January, 2007

    Ioannis, I am feeling bad now that u missed out but I did text u a while ago (so not my fault :P) sorry if u missed out 😦 but dont worry if u are really desperate to fall like nobody’s business bcos there will be a permanent indoor ice rink under construction in Altricham. Soon, we can all go there and watch u fall~~~~ 😀

  3. S

     /  4 January, 2007

    Naz, well done!! Ali, ‘well done’.


  4. These students don’t understand what it’s like to have working committments Yanni. There’s always a rink in York til the end of Jan if you’re sick of their dull company. 😉


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