The Life of the Cosmos

Just trying to keep you numbskulls up-to-date on the latest in theoretical physics.

The book called “see title above” is written by a Lee Smolin who evidently would love to marry himself and must find it hard to get out of bed in the morning because it means he’ll have to stop making sweet love to himself. Until he gets into the shower, that is.

A current thought is that it is impossible to find a reference point from which to observe or describe the universe, since whatever point you chose must be inside that universe. Therefore a whole new way of describing things is required.

Also, instead of seeing the universe as a staid, unmoving thing we should remember that it is relatively new and therefore may be evolving. Therefore the laws that define our existence might have come about through a process of evolution through natural selection.

This of course implies that the universe is reproducing, and therefore the search is now on for evidence of the universe “doing the dirty”. Or as Fry said, “doing the nasty in the past-y”. Black holes are definitely on the suspect’s list because, like a Tory MP’s house party, nobody really knows what goes on there.

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  1. Yasso

     /  11 January, 2007

    Remember the old Chinese saying? “It takes one to know one”?
    So, how’d the job thingy go? Any richer? Should I visit?

  2. A warning: Start a conversation about this with Him and the Universe will probably have reproduced several generations over before you manage to finish it! 🙂


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