Where are ya?

I see it’s been a while since an update. My neighbour seems to have cottoned on to my internet pilfering; the connection’s still there, but I can’t ride the wagon!!

Had an interview yesterday that went ok, except for the fact that I’ve never used Citrix and Novell systems before. So I’d be like a duck playing basketball while balancing a cornetto on its beak when it came to helping other people use the systems. I saw a competitor coming in as I was exiting the building (exiting, not exciting) and he looked like a propah South Indian I.T. boy replete with deep-sea-diving specs and funny accent (he was on the phone).

The book ‘Tell me no lies’ is a real eye-opener, and it’s amazing that what’s actually happening out there is so well-masked by politicians, it’s as if the public want to believe the lies. And those of you who may think the book is a bunch of conspiracy theorists spouting crap, it’s not. Because I says so.

Damn windy out there.


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  1. Ioannis

     /  20 March, 2007

    Really windy indeed. And my neighbour’s wifi is off as well. Maybe some provider e-mailed them all.

  2. ‘Tis chilly out there for sure! Good luck for the outcome of the interview. Remember what I was saying about improvisation… 😉

  3. why did u not eliminate the competition?
    I like how u call the south Indian accent “funny”. Where u from again?

    Naz responds:- I never had a funny accent, only an accent.


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