Karate Party

Thank you Jill, I have never laughed so hard and that is not hyperbole. Take a look at Karate Party

This is a list of the 100 worst names for karate films from 1960s onwards. The dry humour of the list compiler just cracks me up. And they keep coming as you scroll down. As a sampler I give you Number 73.

73 – Hard Way to Die
This title is beautiful. It’s not that it’s hard to kill the hero, the hero has just found a really difficult way to go about dying.

There’s also The 100 worst horror movie names

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  1. you’re very welcomed! laughter after all is the best medicine, so am glad i contributed to keeping u healthy and sane when there’s a flu bug going around 😉

  2. Jill, the flu is no longer ‘around’, it is ‘here’ (all of us: sniff, sniff~~)


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