A most important breakthrough

of our times has been reported and gone unnoticed.

Some people somewhere have discovered how to reduce plastics back into their component hydrocarbons by simple microwave zapping. For those amongst you who are idiots (one step forward please) this means that non-biodegradable plastics, which are primarily hydrocarbons (that’s oil to you dumbo) no longer have to be dumped and left to choke poor little annoying seagulls and albatrosses and suchlike but can be zapped back into oil for fuel.

Read about it in the New Scientist. NOW!

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  1. Tinks

     /  27 June, 2007

    Q: What would the cost implications of this process if it were to go under mass production in comparison to what they’re doing now to obtain oil for fuel?

    Naz responds:- I think calculations of the overall cost will have to factor in 1. the savings in the cost of dumping plastics, which include environmental costs such as a. pollution and b. exploitation of resources (both as i. raw material and ii. energy for production) as well as 2. the cost of replacing the dumped plastics. This overall cost will not include the cost of the process of recycling the plastics as the fuel generated from recycling is more than enough to power the process of recycling itself; indeed surplus fuel might be sold on to further reduce costs. Other costs might include 3. the obtaining of recyclable plastics and 4. the disposal of any waste at the end of the process.

  2. this coming from the person who didn’t (and dare i say still doesn’t) own a microwave!??!

    Naz responds:- I have a perfectly good frying pan!


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