Senationalist? Of course not!

A news article on CNN :-

SELMER, Tennessee (AP) — The father of a teenager who was among six people killed this month when a drag-racing car spun into a crowd sued the driver and organizers of the charity event Tuesday.

Bruce Replogle, the father of 15-year-old Scarlett Replogle, seeks $10 million in damages.

Authorities say pro drag racer Troy Critchley lost control of his dragster while performing an exhibition burnout — spinning the car’s back tires to send up clouds of smoke — during a parade at the annual Cars for Kids charity event June 16. Besides the six killed, 23 were hospitalized. (Watch car go out of control; hear crowd react. VIDEO )

I can hear the “journalists” rubbing their hands with joy that they’ve got a video of the mauling of people by a car! Wow! That’s news! Am I gonna watch it? You bet your sweet patootie!

And there’s a charity called “Cars for Kids”?? What next, “AKs for Taliban”? “Crack for Pete Doherty”?

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  1. “…hail the size of 20 pence pieces (which) tore through the sky, ripping leaves from the trees and flowers from plants…I thought a tornado was about to touch down.” The BBC can do dramatic as well. 🙂


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