Terrorist websites

No, I don’t mean these bomb-making websites that are apparently all the rage and getting untold amounts of free publicity and due to the nature of these things making every curious person think “Hmmm.. so how does one go about making a bomb?”
I mean the websites that profligate after a terrorist event so that people can come and display “solidarity” whatever that means.

I’m referring to the London Underground “We shall not fear” website, and the likes of it. Seems to me there’s a bunch of web-designers just waiting to cash in on the next event. Ok, maybe there’s not much cash exchanging hands (although I’m sure money can be made) but just getting a large number of hits and a reputation is every web-designers wet dream.

I read about an employee at Glasgow airport who helped apprehend the, ahem, terrible-ists (I bet the bumbling fools rank pretty low in the hierarchy. I imagine the conversation in jail going – “So what you in fer?” “I drove a jeep into a wall, and set myself on fire”). Guess what. There’s a website up already where you can donate money to buy him a pint via PayPal.

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  1. Yannis

     /  6 July, 2007

    Well, all this stupidity gathered within three days seems very suspicious to me…
    How are you doing by the way? Lost each other again!

  2. Rui

     /  9 July, 2007

    Mr. Kazi: the note about the use of my “H” brought me to your website. Its interesting to know that you still doing what you do best. One other thing, being technically challenged, I’m not sure there is a better way to send u a note so forgive me for this long note. To your passe’ in the U.K (assuming thats where u stay); India at this time is rocking. With an inflation rate thats controllable, the U.S. dollar weeping down the 30’s, we getting closer to being Mr. India (true Anil Kapoor style)…If you wondering why I went on this tangent, not your fault..I’m writing an article for a tabloid on “Air Mac”…


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