Sardinia / Review


This was a note-to-self last night to remember what today’s post would be about.

My holidays to Sardinia with my wonderful friends (and Rob) are booked. 4-7th August is when the sun is in the sky, and the ladies walking by, and I roll up in my car, and light up a cigar and say hey!
We have a whole palazzo to ourselves so it will be three days of sunshaaaiiiiyyyyn and eyeing up Sardines (not the tinned sort).

I had a review yesterday at work, something about feedback and performance and deliverables. I nodded and hummed and hawwed. But it ended with me getting a raise, so I guess I can just carry on as before, don’t fix what’s not broken and all that.

And Paris. More specifically Sandrine Voillet in Paris. She presents this BBC programme that’s been going on about Paris and was absolutely great to watch. And the city wasn’t half bad either!! Ahh, these charming French women!!

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  1. What?!

  2. Ioannis

     /  11 July, 2007


  3. excellent….. 1st round in Sardinia on you.

  4. jessy

     /  13 July, 2007

    I think I have seen the programme for 5 mins. It is a bit like those History programme with a very pretty face!

  5. waiting

     /  13 July, 2007

    Can I get ‘it’ asap pls.

  6. waiting

     /  18 July, 2007

    Hi,really want it back as need it.


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