Maria Full of Grace

First of all, thank you It’s a really great service and I’m really enjoying the choice during my 30-day trial. Sign up and get a free trial like I did; it’ll change your life. I love going home and finding a great movie on the floor. And it’s damn easy to use as well. So go ahead and do yourself a favour.

Maria is a 17 year old Columbian girl who worked as a flower packer in her small home town untill she got tired of being treated like a sub-human. She sets off to Bogota to find work, and an acquaintance introduces her to Felipe who interviews her for a job by asking about her digestive system.

Yes, Maria Alvarez is to be paid to swallow pellets of cocaine and fly to New Jersey.

One of the other drug carriers or mules she befriends is on the same flight, and so is her friend from the flower factory who also wants to make a quick buck. It is a common tactic to send mules together so that if one does get caught by customs officials, the risk of the others getting stuck is minimised.

A mishap occurs which strands these village girls in America.

This is a most poignant film and I was deeply moved by it.

The next one will be a Chinese movie called “Happy Times Hotel”

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  1. Three links?! Are you hedging for an extension of your free trial there Naz? 🙂

  2. Don’t be silly. Lovefilm is just a wonderful organisation and will not have to be flattered for me to get an extension on my free trial.

  3. jessy

     /  22 October, 2007

    cannot find this chinese one. I think u get the name wrong!

    naz responds:- Bad workman blames her tools. I didn’t get the name wrong.


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