Keats, Wordsworth, MegaDik…

Yes, the long struggle to wrest art from the Elite has succeded. Poetry is no longer a past-time for the Rich, Idle Spoilt.

MegaDik has been spamming us with the most brilliant (and concise) poetry which has been circulating around the office today.

With lines like these you must be impressed…

Now that you’ve got a lass that’s hot
You wanna hump her juicy twat.
She’s full of passion, she’s so nice!
But would your penile size suffice?

Not sure she will long for more?
You need a dong she would adore!
But how to raise it long and thick?
Your only chance is MegaDik!

Turner Prize anyone??

Meanwhile I got myself some heavily discounted running/football shoes for 12 smackeroons and did 25 mins around Chorlton and back yesterday. The Purchase Process??

18:01 Arrive at Picadilly Station
18:12 Reach JJB Sports and browse
18:16 Enter Streetwise in Arndale Centre
18:17 “Do you have this in Size 10?”
18:18 “Do you take Debit Cards?”
18:19 (or possibly 18:20, I’m not 100% sure) “Cheers”

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  1. Is that the first time you’ve bought something in a shop Naz?! You seem to be very excited about it! πŸ˜›


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