The Highway Game

I played a brilliant game, don’t know if you can get it on X Box or PS, but it was called ‘Indian Roulette’. The objective is to choose a destination and then reach there alive and in one piece using the Indian National and State Highways. A great first-person game made interesting by the addition of charming obstacles such as “Asteroid Crater”, “Me Dog, Me Will Cross”, “Look Mum, I Can Drive The Wrong Way” and “Crazy Member Of Public Counting Pocket Change In The Middle Of The Road” (rare, but extremely exciting).

I selected a motorcycle for a Bangalore-Gokarna-Bangalore jaunt and played it in both day and nighttime settings. Nighttime is when it gets really scary with extra-special appearances (quite literally) of “Bunny Jaywalkers” hopping across out from the median divide, “Laser Optical Surgery” trucks with high-beam lights and “See Me If You Can” tractors pulling bales of hay.

Scientific Note:- The Indian Roadcrosser (homo suicidalis indianus) has a special adaptation, an admirable appendage which it uses to do what it does best, i.e. cross roads. This appendage is called the Magic Hand (manus waveare) which it waves at any highway traffic hurtling towards it from both sides and such is the belief in the power of the magic hand that often the Roadcrosser escapes unhurt. Of course, it must be noted that the magic is temperamental and only seems to work when said oncoming highway traffic can actually see the Roadcrosser…

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  1. So what you’re ultimately trying to confess to us is that you’ve killed someone (several people?!), right Naz? 😛

    naz responds:- Oh, kill is such a negative word.


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