To sum it all up

A number of quotes/phrases come to mind when I cast my mind back to my sojourn in India.

“Bartaare” (coming) = Used by the waiters of Airlines Hotel, Bangalore where we convened daily for coffee. You will note the deliberate omission of any indication when the waiter will be coming.

“Aiyyooo” = Cry of desperation. Used in many situations but mostly in response to poor attempts at humour. By KP.

“Naz, your skin..” = Used by MJ. As an excuse to stroke me.

“Spiderpig, Spiderpig” = Unofficial soundtrack in my head.

“You want Slayer?” = Used by KP at Yamaha Rock.

“You have 3 minutes left” = Used by the MC at Yamaha Rock. Repeatedly. Annoyingly.

“Your gang of Jamaican Al Pacinos… drinking Blue Mountain cappuccinos” = Sung by some seriously crap Reggae MoFo at Namaste on Om Beach.

“Let’s build a fire” = Uttered by Abhi when we were stranded on the mountain top, because it was getting dark.

“That auto’s never heard about emission control” = Uttered by Abhi as a smoke machine/bug fumigator disguised as an autorickshaw passed us on the road to Gokharna.

“Adjust madkoli” (make an adjustment/an exception/space) = Used by everyone in Bangalore.

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  1. ioanis

     /  5 January, 2008

    Wow. To someone who wasn’t there this is quite an uninformative summary.

  2. It’s entirely uninformative. Which is why I’m sure Naz is gonna take us all with him on his next visit in order to enlighten us. Right Naz? 😉

  3. the aiyooo one is Yovina/Mauritian thing too

    naz responds:- Ok ok, I got it. Aiyyooo!!

  4. the aiyooo one is Yovina/Mauritian thing too


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