Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

I spent my Saturday evening watching a woman strum her pipa.

Yes I did, and no, it wasn’t that kind of a weekend. The pipa is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument similar to the Arabic ‘oud’. I was in fact at the Bridgewater Hall for a performance by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, an 85-piece ensemble playing both traditional and modern music.

Quite enjoyable.

Meanwhile the Russian Symphony Orchestra was holding a superb piece of ballet, “Sleeping Beauty” in Buxton. I must admit here that I don’t really know if it is superb. I was just yomping around the Peak District on Sunday with Ioannis and Jessy where I saw the performance being advertised. I just thought I could use it as a nice segue to join my Saturday with my Sunday.


The best part of the walk was actually the walk guide Ioannis had downloaded from the WorldWideWonderWeb. Some nerd had written vivid instructions, complete with colourful histories of elves living in caves and including the time it would take to accomplish the walk.

And how did he measure the time, I hear you ask? Let him tell you in his own words:

“The time estimates used above are based on a walking speed of 2 miles per hour (3.2 km/h) plus 1 minute for each 30ft (10m) of either climbing or descent. This gives a reasonable estimate for a normal walking speed, with time included for the inevitable sit down, and looking around. This time should only be taken as a guide, as you will have a better knowledge of your own walking speed.”

Jokes apart, do go and check out Peakwalk.org for info on walks in the Peak District.

God Bless The Internet and Her Populace!

p.s. the irony of me posting a note on the internet about a nerd posting notes on the internet is not lost on me.

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