I spend my mornings at work looking at what’s been going on in the world, or more specifically in the territories where we sell our developments. We post news daily on the company website about growth and prosperity in all our operational areas.

Unfortunately Bulgaria is one of them.

I do not mean to imply that there is no growth and prosperity in Bulgaria, only that the journalists seem to be of a particularly negative bent of mind. Where Dubai news sources run sickly sweet with praise of everything the Sheikh’s gaze falls upon, Bulgarian journalists will even report the Second Coming with an angle on the cost involved.

This has lead a colleague to call it ‘Dullgaria’

Examples of journalistic brilliance include snippets like

The Director of Bulgaria’s Customs Agency Asen Asenov, who has filed his resignation earlier on Wednesday, said Wednesday he had not taken the step under pressure….

What a way to lead an article, this guy is condemned already!

EC Speaker: EU Report on Bulgaria Will Not Be Delayed

Because they were expecting it to be!


“Bulgaria is not a country that needs support, Bulgaria is our partner”: This is the common impression of the talks Minister Petkov had in the U.S. Department of State

What? Bulgaria doesn’t need support?

And there is one guy who reports on traffic who loves the word ‘carnage’ so everyday it’s “carnage this” or “carnage that”. Fortunately for him, Bulgarian drivers being what they are there’s always some sort of carnage to talk about. Maybe he thinks it’s a car-related word, as in car-nage.

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  1. You had me laughing out loud in the office you know.

  2. Wait until you start selling property in Greece… 🙂


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