Dullgaria 2

Came across another journalistic belter in Bulgarian news today.

In the Society section of the online international edition of a Bulgarian news paper, I see the headline.

An Occupation Ancient and Profitable

Now I know what occupation that is (real estate) so I clicked on it, only to find out that

The oldest profession looms to be also the most profitable one, at least in Bulgaria. Six prostituting girls could yield up to Γ’β€šΒ¬ 1 million yearly.

Note the use of the words ‘…could yield…’, normally seen in this format in a sentence discussing a viable business opportunity like

Six cows could yield up to 25 litres of milk daily.

The reporter is clearly resentful of the opportunity they’ve got, as it goes on to say

A prostitute in the Bulgarian seaside resort Sunny Beach earns between 12 000 and 18 000 euros just for a month, estimate the Police authorities. For comparison, the average monthly income in Bulgaria rarely exceeds 500 euro.

The reporter even offers some advice:-

Actually Burgas is the most convenient town for transferring of prostitutes across the border.

Proof that i’m not making it up = http://international.ibox.bg/news/id_2083586765

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  1. Hahahahahaha. How can I work for this newspaper?! πŸ˜€


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