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Very enjoyable hike with the Manchester Uni Hiking Club on Sat; gorgeous views around Edale from Kinder Plateau. Bit of rain towards the end but otherwise smashing weather. Nice little pub at the end.

Finished reading Iain M. Banks’ State of the Art. I can see where his big ideas have emerged from in this short story collection.

Finally got my Doppelganger CD; my first purchase off play.com.

Bicycle needs fixing. Football tonight and the pedals are coming off!

Great shows by BBC recently; I really enjoyed Horizon’s How Violent Are You? with Michael Portillo’s take on violence residing in us all yesterday. Also have to mentioned; South Pacific, Coast and The Weather.

Driving up to Scotland Tuesday.

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  1. By the time everyone went off CDs you manage to buy your first CD online. One era behind…


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