Planet Rock – Bonamassa and Cooper

I’ve spoken about the Great internet radio station before. Yesterday I heard Joe Bonamassa playing ‘Blues Deluxe’ live, and went straight on to He absolutely shreds the guitar in wailing howls.

I first heard Bonamassa, and ‘Blues deluxe’ but not the live version, on Planet Rock. Where he is a DJ. Speaking of Planet Rock, I don’t know if I mentioned Alice Cooper, but he DJs there as well, in the mornings. The guy has the driest sense of humour ever, and is always cracking me up.

I’m also really loving the song by La Roux constantly played on the radio- “Going in for the kill”

The new bike (yes, I went in to Cycle Logic in Chorlton last Saturday morning to get my old bike’s crank fixed, and ended up with a shiny new blue Falcon Colorado) is handling well, it’s a large beast and harder work than my old Tornado because it’s heavier and grippier.

Going hiking again early Sat; Hannah’s friend Nick, back from Aus-trah-lia, will be joining.

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  1. Ah, so we’re to blame you for Yanni’s new love of bikes are we?! 🙂

    naz replies: I sure hope so. We had a good time exploring Manchester in the sun this weekend!


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