Food art

Food shares one commonality with art.
It is often very difficult to differentiate, by sight and without taste, so-called top-notch food from barrel-bottom scrapings; the work of a Michelin Star Chef from ice-cream made out of baked beans (unless it’s 3 Michelin Star Heston Blumenthal; bless him he tries so hard to be wacky)
This is especially so at the “avant garde” end of the spectrum. Some people may well wonder at “Garlic Bread”, but finding squid in a pie would test the patience of most pie eaters.
Art has piss-take spoof awards like the Turnip prize (as a direct reaction to the Turner Prize) to highlight the pomposity of their niche.
Can we soon expect such awards for food?

Re. When one hears someone has cooking stars or received such-and-such an award, my immediate reaction isn’t “Wow” but “Who are these people giving awards away to people like you, and how many awards are there?”. Unless it’s Sir David Attenborough.

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