“That’s the way we’ve always done it!”

An imaginary conversation.

Man-“Hey guys, you know those square wheels that you use?”
Committee Member A- “Mmmm-hmmmm?”
Man- “Do they have to be, square?”
Committee Member B- “That’s the way we’ve always done ’em!”
Man- “How about we knock some of the edges off, make them, smoother like?”
Committee Member A- “What good will that do?”
Man- “Well, they would move faster, more would get done..”
Committee Member A- “More? We’re so busy as is”
Committee Member B- “They would move too fast; we like them the way they are now, and..”
Committee Member C- “We can control them better now.”
Man- “Well, obviously we’d have to devise some way of slowing the wheels….”
Committee Member B- “So you want to speed them up so you can slow them down?”
Committee Member A- “Make up your mind, Man”
Man- “ermm, we could go slow anyway, and it would be smoother I reckon”
Committee Member A- “Smoother?”
Committee Member C- “What? No Bumpity-bump? Customers would never go for that!”
Committee Member B-“No Bumpity-bump! Huh!!”

Note: It was fun coming up with justification for square wheels.

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