Spam update

Received this. Nuff said.

Stalin took this pills two times per day before food.
Big Ben in London will seem not so big in front of you.

the next day:

One of our Directors sent this in this entry for the competition:

“Harry Potter loves hottie lover, who loves mighty shocker poker.”

Spam scare

I’ve seen a new form of spam:

“London hit by gas attack. Army on full alert!”

and another with

“Donald Trump kidnapped!”

I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to spam, owing partly to the fact that I scan my inbox for particularly lewd/hilarious ones that I skype to my friends (see example below). But I’ve not been aware of such scare tactics being used previously, so let me know if any precedents spring to mind.

Example spam: “Lollipop expansion! You will be striptease star on every corporative party.”

It’s written in the Accusative, “You WILL…..”. Which makes me think, “But I don’t want to strip at EVERY corporative party (I think he means corporate, by the way). Just ’cause I did it a couple of times….”